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buy Lyrica pills The Blend host Ira was found by Groucho Marx floating down the Nile in a reed basket 3,500 years ago. Flown through time and space by Tardis to the south of France, Ira materialized in ExpatRadio’s studios and immediately began playing upbeat music from around the world including the best of American regional music and the blues. To this day, Ira’s stream of consciousness style retains elements of the language of the ancient astronauts who built the pyramids.

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bande di bollinger opzioni digitali Ira and his wife Cathey moved permanently to the south of France from the United States after their retirement in 2014. After a first career for both as florists, Ira spent his last working years fundraising for a charity that assisted mainly with the homeless and people with mental illness while Cathey built a career in retail marketing. For 20 years prior to their move, Ira also hosted weekly radio shows on his local National Public Radio station, first featuring blues and, more recently, world music. Ira’s tastes, and therefore Ira’s shows, are eclectic and diverse. Enjoy!

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