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Although I’m Lebanese have been living in Paris for a while with family in the US. I love cars – any kind really, old, new and all makes. I also really enjoy digital games where I can create and modify them – can’t wait till I’m old enough to get one of my own, I haven’t really made up what I’d like but it’ll be easier if I win the lottery! I also really like basketball and am lucky have a court near me to hang out at. Will do my best to give as much sports news as I can find so if you have any sporting events on in your area, email me via the radio station.




I’m half French and British so have grandparents in both the UK and here in France.  Am Harry Potter mad – I mean totally!  I have his glasses and love dressing up for carnival.  Really enjoy reading and of course love all the Harry Potter books!   I’m a member of the Girl Scouts here in Paris where we have to do things to get our badges which is really interesting.  If any of you are in the Girl or Boy Scouts, or Brownies or Cubs email me via the radio station  and let me know what’s happening in your club and what you like about it.




I play the fiddle which I love, and listen to lots of celtic music, but also to various kinds of metal. I love medieval things (I made a chainmail shirt by hand and found it fun! ) but as I’m passing the bac next year, my time for such things is limited. I’m half Irish and half Algerian but have been told my accent is quite Irish haha!  I try to go to different camps and events here in France and abroad so if you do, or have any news about anything happening in your area, email them into me via the radio station and I’ll put them on the show.





I’m Australian from Tassie actually and yes, according to my mum am just like Taz at times heehee!  We’ve been living in Paris around 8 years or so now the last 4 being with our mad as a hatter cat, Mina who’s not made up her mind if she’s a cat or a dog or a human. I also love playing the drums and have been playing since I was around 2/3 years old according to my mum, and play in a rock band at Rock U.  Also love reading so go to the American Library a lot as our flat here in Paris has run out of room for books and I do like a book in my hand better than a digital one! If you’ve got a library at your school, or in your area perhaps they have events like ours does in Paris so let me know or about books you like or didn’t like reading (email me via the radio station).


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    15 thoughts on “The Message Kids Show”

    1. HI Pia and the rest of the Message Kids! Auntie Nat Nat here (Pia’s Auntie!!). Love the photo shoot pictures! Looks like you all had so much fun. Unfortunately I couldn’t listen to the show live last week as was out for a friend’s birthday. Any idea on how I can access an archived link please? Hope you all had fun and lots of people have emailed you. Xx

      1. Hello Natalie,

        Thank you for your message, to Pia and The Message Kids, they are in school during the week, but your message will be passed onto the kids, which I am sure they will be delighted.
        We are going to have post the recordings of the kids shows on this page, over the next few days, So you will have the chance to catch up. We are delighted you enjoyed the show, as it will mean a lot to the kids.

        Many thanks
        From Expat Radio On behalf of The Message Kids.

      2. Hi Natalie,

        The shows are uploaded on a mixcloud account, which can be accessed by clicking the mixcloud Icon above.

        Many thanks as the kids were excited by getting messages.

        Regards Expat Radio & The Message Kids.

    2. Great show! I love it. Let me know if you ever need any help or if you have room for some more Message Kids reporters!

      1. Hi Lily,
        Thank you for your message, great to know you enjoyed it, The kids are in school, during the week, but we will pass on your message
        Expat Radio on behalf of The Message Kids.

    3. Our Message for this week – we need to get rid of homework! Does anyone have any ideas on how we can do this?

      Hope you enjoyed listening into our show and don’t forget if you have any requests, hello’s or info you’d like to send to us, just fill out the form below or email us direct at

      A quick round up of things from our shows – we had Matt Black from Rock U who was our first guest telling us about the great things they do with kids and music – don’t forget the Rock U concert on Saturday 25 March at Belushi’s Gare du Nord, 5 rue Dunkerque 75010.

      This week an interesting interview with Colleen Shaughnessy-Larsson from Toastmasters who started the Youth Leadership Program in Paris this year – a program to build confidence, presentation skills in teens. The topics the kids used for discussions sounded like lots of fun and surprised us as we thought it would be all serious, so am are all the participants had lots of fun.

      Hope you all had fun on St Patrick’s Day and did you remember to wear green? Did anyone do anything for Red Nose Day? Would love to hear from you!

    4. Hi Pia and the rest of the Message Kids,

      Auntie Nat Nat here again! Just to say that we tuned in to the show on Sunday and were very excited to hear you all. ?

      The interview about Toastmasters was great and you all asked lots of interesting questions and sounded like you were having fun too. Can’t wait to hear the next show!

      Hope you get some useful tips on how to get rid of homework. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to do any but I’d say do each piece as soon as you get it, so that you can get it done in bite sized chunks rather than a big mammoth slog over the weekend. Then you can do the fun stuff!!

      Keep up the great reporting and DJ work.

      1. Hi Auntie Nat Nat and thanks for the homework tip – we’re going to try it! Thanks so much for your support and listening into us 🙂

    5. Hello Message kids! This is Mido’s Aunt Hanan from Massachusetts, USA…I enjoy your show very much and I’m looking forward to your radio program today! Would love to hear the BeeGees Staying Alive and would you please dedicate it to Gus….Thank you!

    6. Hi everyone,

      A sneak preview of next week’s show – what type of school would you like? Would you like one without teachers? Or longer lunchtimes? What would you like?

    7. Hi everyone,

      Don’t forget you can listen to our previous shows on the MixCloud if you miss our Sunday broadcast!

    8. Hi everyone,

      Hope you’re enjoying the school holidays and see if you can find ways to do things for the environment – simply picking up some rubbish, makes such a difference!

    9. Happy Bastille Day to everyone! What an absolutely magnificent parade and check out for photos. The Thunderbird flyover was incredible as was the atmosphere with everyone really showing support for all these brave men and women.

    10. Hi everyone,

      Don’t forget it’s Paris College Day in Paris so anyone in secondary school and interested in further education at universities either here in France, Europe, US, UK, Canada or Australia visit this website to get more details and the event is free

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