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Writers Salon With Hazel Manuel

Hazel is originally from the UK and is a former company CEO turned novelist. She lives and writes in Paris, having fallen in love with a beautiful Frenchman she met in India, and hasn’t looked back since. Writing is now a way of life for Hazel. « I write novels which explore the issues and questions that modern life raises,» she says. « Questions of identity and equality, themes of uncertainty, loss, obsession, power and change, influence my stories and the characters that live them.»

Hazel runs a regular writers salon at her Paris home, as well as writers retreats in the Loire Valley. Her show ‘Writers’ Salon’ features a different author each month, and is a peek inside the world of the writer, exploring how they came to write, what inspires their creativity, what influences their work. Tune in on the first Wednesday of each month at 7pm and be transported to the inspiring world of the writer. There is a chance to win fabulous literary prizes too, in our monthly competition!

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    4 thoughts on “Writers Salon With Hazel Manuel”

    1. A competition, the dentist and a book-signing.
      We’ve had a great start to the new Writers Salon monthly show. This Wednesday I was chatting with novelist and publisher Jan Fortune about her fascinating life and work. Jan’s latest novel is called “This is the End of the Story” and she treated us to an extract of the book, which explores how one person might support the fantasy life of another. Our competition this month is to win a signed copy of Jan’s latest novel, and all you have to do for a chance to win is to e mail us with the name of Jan’s publishing house. The answer is given in the show, and if you missed it you can listen again by following the link on the Writers’ Salon main page.

      This week has seen me negotiating the French dental service – not easy with my less-than-perfect French. Expanding my vocabulary to include the words for ‘root canal work’ and ‘extreme pain’ weren’t exactly part of the plan, but there we go, life in another country isn’t always easy  I did a book-signing this week as well – of my latest novel The Geranium Woman. It was at a women’s business event here in Paris where I met some highly motivated, energetic entrepreneurs. The Geranium Woman features a female CEO in Paris so the theme was perfect for the event and the book went down well. Have a fabulous weekend!

      You can find out more about Hazel Manuel and her books on her website http://www.hazelmanuel.net

    2. International Women’s Day
      The 8th March is International Women’s day and we thought this a fine opportunity to repeat a great Writers Salon show which aired a while ago. I chatted with the American-Brazilian writer, actor and producer Cara Cruckshank about her early Broadway career, her move to Paris and her new multi-media theatre production, The Alchemy of Imperfection which is a fascinating exploration of women’s lives and experiences. Cara shared with us some of the music that speaks of her life as well as a reading from her production. Tune in again tonight, 8th March at 7pm Paris time to hear about Cara’s fascinating career, plus if you’re interested in Cara’s show, you can find out more here: global.thealchemyofimperfection.com
      I myself won’t be able to listen in, as I’ve been asked to give a talk and read some of my work at a writers group here in Paris. It’s in a café in the Place Des Vosges which is a pretty, tree-lined square not far from Bastille. I’ve been thinking about the theme for my talk – being International Women’s Day, I’ll talk about the female characters in my novels, who, I hope are like any woman – sometimes strong, courageous and assertive, sometimes vulnerable, uncertain and hesitant. Someone once asked me if what I write is ‘women’s fiction.’ It’s such is an odd term, isn’t it? I enjoy books by and about any gender, and I’m sure intelligent men do too, so I always answer that my books are for anyone interested in a good read! Let’s hope the good folk at my talk tonight think so too 
      Happy International Women’s Day, and have a great week!

      You can find out more about Hazel Manuel and her books on her website http://www.hazelmanuel.net

    3. Writers’ Salon with Hazel Manuel

      I’m currently hiding out in the lovely Loire Valley in France where springtime has arrived – the weather is warm and the flowers are budding. I run retreats for writers here, in a lovely traditional old farmhouse. The reason I am here now though isn’t a retreat, but to work intensively on my forthcoming novel. My deadline is the end of June, so I’ve got a lot to do.
      I did find time to pop back to the Expat Radio studio in Paris to interview a very interesting writer, Adnan Mahmutovic. Adnan is a Bosnian-Swedish writer who came to Sweden during the war in Bosnia in the 1990’s. His writing about his refugee experience and life in diaspora features in his first novel Thinner than a hair, published by Cinnamon Press, and a short story collection, How to fare well and stay fair, by Salt Publishing. His most recent work is in creative non-fiction, such as the essay co-written with Lucy Durneen, ‘Comics, war and ordinary miracles’, which was adapted for BBC Radio 4. It was an absolute pleasure talking with Adnan – his honest and heartfelt approach makes for compelling listening. The interviews airs on the 5th April 2017 and you can find out more about Adnan and his work on his website: http://www.adnanmahmutovic.com/ Don’t forget to e mail us after the show to enter our monthly competition. This month its to win a signed copy of Adnan’s award winning novel Thinner than a hair.

      You can find out more about Hazel Manuel and her books on her website http://www.hazelmanuel.net

    4. Hi Hazel, I am always willing to buy a coffee when a cheeky or needy person asks. I am currently editing a new novel, promoting my current novel (published 30/06/2017) and off from home in France to the UK for some Waterstones visits and local radio interviews at the end of November. I would love to be interviewed by you and can supply plenty of interview food at your request.

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