Gareth Severn

Gareth Severn

Gareth Severn

Gareth Severn – DJ, Presenter and Professional Tribute Artist


Gareth has been a professional tribute artist for over 20 years now and has performed his shows in the UK and Internationally, but for the last 4 years resides and performs in Cyprus.


His career as a tribute artist began as a Robbie Williams impersonator and took his show all over Europe. He also performed in a Take That tribute show called Take @ That who are still going strong touring the UK and Europe. However, 4 years ago when he moved to Cyprus saw the end of his Robbie days. He is currently Elwood Blues in the hit show, The Master Blues Brothers and is also known to many as The Ska Man, singing hits from bands such as Madness, The Specials and Bad Manners to name a few.


Gareth lives with his wife and children in small village situated in the south of the island between Larnaca and Ayia Napa. Gareth also has his own recording studio where he produces audio books and also provides voice overs for various projects.


You can like and follow Gareths facebook pages:

The Ska Man

Studio Severn

The Master Blues Brothers

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