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Although I’m Lebanese have been living in Paris for a while with family in the US.  I love cars – any kind really, old, new and all makes. I also really enjoy digital games where I can create and modify them – can’t wait till I’m old enough to get one of my own, I haven’t really made up what I’d like but it’ll be easier if I win the lottery!  I also really like basketball and am lucky have a court near me to hang out at.  Will do my best to give as much sports news as I can find so if you have any sporting events on in your area, email me via the radio station.




I’m half French and British so have grandparents in both the UK and here in France.  Am Harry Potter mad – I mean totally!  I have his glasses and love dressing up for carnival.  Really enjoy reading and of course love all the Harry Potter books!   I’m a member of the Girl Scouts here in Paris where we have to do things to get our badges which is really interesting.  If any of you are in the Girl or Boy Scouts, or Brownies or Cubs email me via the radio station  and let me know what’s happening in your club and what you like about it.




I play the fiddle which I love and have also made my own chainmail by hand so yes, you guessed right, love medieval things!  It took me around 6 months to make my first one but was well worth it!  I’m half Irish and Algerian but have been told my accent is quite Irish hahaha!  I get to go to different camps and other events here in France and abroad so if you do, or have any news about anything happening in your area, email them into me via the radio station and I’ll put them on the show.




I’m Australian from Tassie actually and yes, according to my mum am just like Taz at times heehee!  We’ve been living in Paris around 8 years or so now the last 4 being with our mad as a hatter cat, Mina who’s not made up her mind if she’s a cat or a dog or a human. I also love playing the drums and have been playing since I was around 2/3 years old according to my mum, and play in a rock band at Rock U.  Also love reading so go to the American Library a lot as our flat here in Paris has run out of room for books and I do like a book in my hand better than a digital one! If you’ve got a library at your school, or in your area perhaps they have events like ours does in Paris so let me know or about books you like or didn’t like reading (email me via the radio station)

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